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The CRiP (Club des Responsables Infrastructures, Technologies et Production) is a user association, independent of suppliers, which brings together more than 12,000 IT infrastructure, technology and production managers representing nearly 400 major accounts, companies and administrations. CRiP is a space for exchange between peers, allowing to confront, benchmark its experiences and share its best practices in an agnostic and authentic way. Our objectives : Save time in your projects by benefiting from feedback and honest recommendations from your peers (successes and failures), develop your professional network and accelerate your career, position yourself in relation to your peers, benefit from market analyses (survey results), accelerate and reinforce your choices, be at the forefront of the latest methodologies and organizational models to enable your companies to be agile on a large scale, anticipate technological developments and innovations by benefiting from continuous and mutualized monitoring and highlight the achievements of your organization and your teams.


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