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Younited Pay


Leading European fintech and member of the #Next40, Younited aims to transform the world of credit and payment through its loan (Younited Credit), split payment (Younited Pay) and budget coaching (Younited Coach) offers. With its own BCE credit institution accreditation, Younited is present in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria and employs more than 440 people. Since its launch in 2012, Younited has raised more than €323m and granted more than €2.6 billion in credit. The Younited Pay solution allows payment of up to €50k and 84 monthly installments, in a regulated manner, directly integrated into the online purchase process with instant, automatic and definitive response. Younited Pay is designed for merchants, retailers, marketplaces, Telcos, who wish to offer their customers a solution adapted to their needs to pay for their purchases in complete security. Payment by credit card: 1x to 12x Payment via open banking: 12x to 84x https://www.younited-pay.com/

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Crédit à la consommation : la fintech française Younited lève 170 millions de dollars